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FS: 6.5Ft Display Tank + Accessories + Equipment

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Price: $1600 neg.

Where: Calamvale

Pick Up Only

Items may be sold separately except for tank equipment ie. hood, stand, t5 lights, fliters and tank

Tank Details

Tank Dimensions: 6.5 Ft X 2Ft X 2 Ft

Stand Dimensions: 6.5 Ft X ~2ft X 2ft

Hood fits to tank

The tank is water tight no cracks and barely/no visible scratches. The stand is sturdy and properly supports the tank. It does need a bit of touch up paint here and there but is still display quality.

Hood lighting: T5X4 light bulbs 5ft only 8months old + LEDS blue lighting


1 X canister filter

1 X internal 2000L/hr filter

1 X canister filter broken (no idea whats wrong with it) (throw in for free)

I would like to sell altogether not separately unless you give a reasonable offer

Tank Accessories for Sale

- 8 X Display River rocks = $120

- Hikari fish food large pellets (opened basically full) = $10

- Bio Super Concentrate (opened) = $10

- 24hr timer plug = $5

- Large Syphon = $10

- Aquarium Salt (opened) = $10

- Testing Kit (1/2 used, pH, nitrate, ammonia, nitrite) = $15

- 1.5 X MetaFlix 473mL = $15

- River Brown display Gravel to fit tank as above= $120

- ~15kg of Buffer ($200 for 20kg when new) = $140

- 1 X Large fish net + 1 X small fish net = $5

- Filter Wool= $10

- 2 X Heaters= $20

- Magnetic Cleaner= $4

- Thermometer= $4

Reason for Selling: All my display fish died (due to mum overfeeding) There is nothing wrong with the tank or stand. I just have no time to start over again.

Price for everything: $2000, all that will be needed to start up tank is a external canister filter to supplement the other two filters that I already have or figure out whats wrong with the broken canister filter. This would be the perfect set up for a Malawi tank everything you need.

Notes: I have not taken pictures of accessories as they are pretty normal and self explanatory BUT if you want I will.






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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