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DIY project in the pipeworks

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I'm picking up some things (render, colours, pond sealer, paint brushes, sponges etc) tomorrow, all going well *L*, to start DIY'ing a custom 2ft tank i now have free

At this stage i am planning to do a full background, which will come part way along the sides as well as the back. I will also be DIYíng some 'rocks' and some retaining walls if it goes as planned lol

Some will be rendered foam some will be siliconed/sanded.

Will update with pics once i get started......just doing out the 2ft first, gotta give it a vinegar treatment so its fully clean and fully dry.

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So 5 hours later i have this so far

Full wall (rock in front)




Intake cover


Used so far

1 tube Selley's Glass Silicone Sealent Clear

1 Chrisco foam box + 2 packing foam pieces

Craft mesh from Spotlight



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That's great for the money you've spent . Would you mind putting up a pic or a list of all the products you've used . I'm really considering making one for my 6ft now . Do you have to rinse or soak it now to get rid of any chemicals maybe ? Cheers Jamie

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Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant

Render It render 9kg (used 1/2 bag)

Cement Australia Sandstone oxide 150g

" " Dark red oxide 150g

" " Dark green oxide 150g

" " Dark brown oxide 1kg

Crommelin Waterproof Pond Sealer 1L (used most of this) <----------i used a spray bottle to apply

Once the last coat of sealer is on, it has to sit for 7 days before it can be submerged with water, It says to thoroughly rinse then fill with water. I will be filling the tank and letting sit for an hour them emptying it and refill. I will be letting it sit again for a bit so i can check that i got all areas of cement covered and nothing with water stats changes.

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So i've finished all i can do. Siliconed the free standing "rock" in. I ended up giving it another coat of sealer, so 4 coats all up. Now its gotta sit for 7 days for the sealer to fully cure. Updates once it cured and "fingers crossed" it gets filled for the 1st time!

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So i filled the 2ft with the DIY background in it. Learnt some things for next time i make one (will add these at the end) *L* All in all for my 1st go it came up quite well. It did stay where it was meant to....so far. Tank has been emptied again, just finished the 1st coat of black paint on the outside, now gotta wait for it to dry to do a second coat. Once the ssecond coat is on and dry, the tank will be put back in place and substrate put in, then filled and planted. Will be a week or so before goldies go in. But i will be throwing some canaries in (feeders) to make sure all is good. I will be testing daily while the feeders are in there to make sure its safe even for them. I cant run the canister on it until the replacement part arrives and that could be at the end of the month or more. That will give me time to modify the outlet to fit behond the background. So i will put internals to keep the water moving.

Tis a bit exciting now i'm at the business end of the build

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Not a brilliant pic. Tank is still quite cloudy (had a blonde moment lol. Washed a bucket of gravel, had it sitting beside a dirty bucket of gravel, you can guess which one i used!) but anyway it gives you an idea of how it looks. I'll update with another pic once its clear :)


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Now lessons learnt during this process!

Check and recheck and then check again you have the size right!

Do not let the silicone come in contact with the pond sealer, they turn a slight white, nothing to out there but you can see it on the edges. Once the BG weathers a bit that should blend in. I actually dont mind the look, it gives it a more natural feel, but just be aware of it

Do NOT mix quartz sand in to try and get a bit more texture.

Measure your canister tubing prior to finishing BG, will save you having to modify the inlet & outlet *L*

Do not make to many hard to get to places with your foam, a more flowing type would definately be easier to render! (and far quicker)

Overall though i am really pleased with how this came out

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