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just remember

they are loaded with tannins

mullberry leaf tea

is a good trigger to help spawn some tetra species

but yea if you are not ready for it

the water turning yellow from feeding them

can be a bit lame

easy fixed with carbon or purigen tho

but I like it

its a good reminder to water change anyway

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how easy to get a hold of mulberry leaves in Brisbane? where do you get them from?

Dead easy, take a walk down most creeks in Brisbane and you will find at least one feral mulberry tree. Bardon esplanade along Ithaca creek is a good place for Mulberry trees, I know for a fact that people come down there during the fruiting season to pick the berries. A lot of backyards in old Brisbane ie pre 1945 have a mulberry tree, its kind of standard . A lot of overgrown gullies in Indooropilly and Toowong also seem to have them. I know of at least 3 trees in parks in Forest Lake, the best example is a White Mulberry in the park diagonally opposite Grand Ave Primary school just near the swings. Use your eyes people, the mulberry tree is probably the most common feral fruit tree in Brisbane after the bananna Tree.

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