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Line breeding and L#

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Parents are in a colony of six and they come from two different sources. But that does not mean that mum and dad are not brother in sister. The male will pick what he believes to be the strongest female available to spawn and spawn with her (unless your a guppy then its all in). Which also happens in nature.

Unless you have one male from say Sydney and 1 female from Perth (in their own tank) then they may derive from different genes but with the gene pool in Australia being small they could still in fact be from the same gene pool. Line bred is not in breeding if this was the case then all L144 albino b/n marble b/n would not exist as they where created through Line Breeding once the L144 was created from the combination of other fish. It was Line bred (with brother and sister etc) to set the colour of the fish the and the colour of the eyes. This is the case with albino b/n marble b/n and the list goes on.

I would say that the gene pool of all L# in Australia would be very small regardless what state they are from.

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