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FS - 4x2x2 w/cabinet and hood - Price drop *Pics* **SOLD**

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So Im selling up :cry:

This has been my display tank for a while....its 4x2x2...really nice cabinet and hood...the hood has 3x 48inch light fittings (has 2 10000k aquarium bulbs and 1 gro lux bulb)

The tank has a few a few scratches in the right hand bottom corner...

it was never enough to bother me....I am more than happy for someone to buy under the condition that they are happy with it ofcourse....feel free to take a look....

It also has a Foam backround silocaned to the inside...It's silocaned perfectly and does not allow any water behind it..

I also have a 2 -3 month old Fluval FX-5 cannister filter...This does 3500L per hour and absolutely hammers this tank.

Its stocked with matrix media and also 2 sacks of purigen....(thats $70 just for the purigen)

Ive seen these filters for sale in a few aquariums for $700

Tank, Stand, Hood - $350 - Now $300

Fluval FX-5 - $250 - Sold

Or both for $500





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no worries mate...

I wouldnt mind waiting...It would be good if you are down this way to come take a look and confirm the sale.....Its jst with something as big as a tank for sale, its probably worth looking at before committing...

I think 300 is pretty cheap...its a really nice cabinet and looks unreal when its all setup....I bought it second hand not all that long ago and its alot cheaper than what i paid :cry: ....I put the backround in and lights too :roll: ..

ahh well..ive sold everything else so cheap too..haha...

anyways mate..jst let me know...



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