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EOI: 3x Tanks, Filters, Media, Substrate, (Fish), Ornaments, Driftwood, Heaters

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Hey guys,

I have decided to downsize my collection, as I just had my 2nd child a few days ago and my 8 footer arrives at the end of the week :) still with money owed on the livestock to go in so this entire collection will be a bulk buy no ifs or butts so please don't ask for 1 or 2 things if I price is agreed on.

Title: Eoi hopefully leading to sale :P


Tank 1.

* 1 x 3x15x18 tank (Includes stand and hood)

* 1 x Aqua One 104 200l/hr filter

* 1 x Aqua One 7500 Precision Air Pump

* 3 x Fake Plants

* 3 x Fake Coral Ornaments

* 4 x Brasilienses (7cm to 18cm) Can get exact if needed

* 1 x Jaguar (25cm Approx) Can measure if needed

* 2 x Common Bristlenose ( 7cm Approx)

* Enough gravel to fill bottom of tank

Tank 2.

* 1 x 2 Foot Tank ( no stand )

* 1 x Aqua World IF300 Internal Filter 300l/hr

* Enough gravel to fill tank bottom

* 1 x Fake Coral Ornament

* 1 x Small Driftwood

* 1 x Breeding Pot

* 1 x Breeding Pair of Lombardhio

* 1 x Crimson Tide

* 1 x Jack Dempsy

* 1 x Flavus

Tank 3.

* 1 x 1000x740x400 curved front glass tank with built in light (no stand)


* 2 x Marine Master Bloodworm Pellets 40g

* 1 x Prestige Colour Bites 2mm sinking pellets 300g

* 1 x Fish food flake 50g

* 1 x Prime 50ml

* Air Rator Hoses and Connection Plugs

* More Chemicals for Plants and New Tank Syndrome

* Small Ornaments & Driftwood

* Plus Much More (Can Text about More stuff I find)

In my eyes I won't settle for less then $350 which I think is a fair price for everything, but be honest please, if you want it all pm your mobile number with the interest or if you wanna bargain it same deal haha

Would really love it gone bye Friday at the latest

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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