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Tanks, glorious tanks....& free ones

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Selling tanks to fund next project (all LxWxH)

6 of 2x18x18

- Good condition, hole drilled in top of the short end, with lids

- $25 each

***4 sold & hanging on to the other 2***

1 of 4x2x18

- Good condition, cracked front and rear brace but centre brace is fine (no problems when full - if it really bugs you, easy to silicon a bit of glass over the crack), hole in rear, with lids

- $65

***was on hold - sale fell through so hanging on to it for the time being***

2 of 2x14x18

- Good breeder tanks, no lids, hole drileld in rear.

- $10 each

***1 left***

1 of 2x1x15

- good condition, hole drilled in rear

- $10

***Still available***

1 of 2x1x18"

- good condition, hole in small end, no lids, one of the lid ledges has a crack halfway along

- $15


2x2x20 - was bumped and is cracked on top egde where the hole was drilled - still fine up to that point

2x15x18 - bay window tank (has had hole covered)

2x1x1 - had small leak in bottom corner 0 I did patch it, but still leaks.

Will do a deal for multiple purchases

Pick-up at the Grange (Brisbane northside)

pm here pls


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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