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breeding frontosas

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Hi Mate

it can be done but i dont recomend it you might end up killing your females

6 foot tank is a alot safer IMO

frontosa females breed every 58 to 65 days and can have up to 50 to 60 eggs on average for a big female batchs will change thats for sure with experience

alot of people dont get more then 10 fry at a time it all comes back to the male and female and how good at spawning they are

these comments are for Burundi and Kigoma's the standard common fronts in australia

number drop by alot for Zaires and Tanz types


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is that every 58-65 days after you have striped or from mouthful to mouthful?? As i have recently purchase acouple colonys of burundi's and i was curious aswell.




"My 3 6 Footers Just bred know i have 37 Tanks damn these tanks breed fast" Almost 9000 litres and still growing @@

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hi adam

if you have seen my website you would know i strip so thats the time frame for me

i know that its about 2 to 3 months if you let the female hold till 20+ days

it all comes down to how much you conditions them with good foods between there spawns IMO

then other females will only spawn say 3 times a year while others are alot better

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