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Aquatic Paradise

I finally get to show my insanity :D

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I am moving to Hervey bay, many people think its for the beaches and warm weather, well it's half right... I'm moving to Hervey bay because the temperature is perfect for me to set up my swimming pool full of tropical fish, most likely wild discus and some rays :egrin:

Now I know many of you are thinking "but the temperature fluctuates between 11 and 36 degrees", No need to fear I have already worked out my equipment and costs for a 80,000 litre pool 8O

Now I suppose I should come back to reality, just a little as it may be up to a year until I buy a house (not putting this system in a rental house) but I am very excited :egrin:

I am currently living in Victoria and my main focus is on eco system aquariums, which normally entails aquascaping the hardscape with the inhabitants in mind, adding appropriate plants to absorb the nutrients, fish for display and keeping the invetibrate populations under control, invertibrates for keeping the tank clean and healthy, basically everything working together so that I do less work :-P Actually I really about watching nature at its best, but the fact that I don't need to do much once set up is certainly a bonus

I am really looking forward to meeting the current fishoholics on QLDAF and in and around Hervey bay so contact me if you would like to catch up some time.



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Gotta love the big projects....... but I dunno about keeping rays in a pond ya want to swim in.

I mean sure, rays are awesome, and friendly.

buuuuuuuuuut you would also have to be careful not to spook or tread on them.

they aint very well liked by the locals in the amazon..........

I want to do a squid pond.

silly dream maybe

but ya

squids lol


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Best idea is rent a while and have a good look around at Hervey Bay and neighbouring towns and suburbs. There are some really nice houses pretty cheap up there atm.

My parents just bought a really nice 7yr old brick home, shed, pond etc in Burrum Town for $265k. They will still head over to Hervey Bay for the bigger shopping side of things.

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Thanks :)

'Keegan013' at this point in time there are no laws against keeping non native freshwater rays, inside or out, but I do know they are trying to change the laws so that anything not on the import list is illegal to keep. Its going to be interesting to see what happens with fish like the common bristlenose catfish :egrin:

Also I have chosen to move to Hervey bay because if any of my fish get out they will not survive the cooler waters, not to mention I plan to live close to the ocean and not freshwater rivers. Unfortunate for the fish, but it means that our Australian eco system stays safe.

'DeadFishFloating' Yeah I know it's probably not a good idea but I have been known to do stupid things ;) a squid pond would be awesome, im sure you could give them plenty to do in there.

Thanks for the advice on hervey bay.

Here are some pics of past tanks I have Aquascaped-post-6226-14711625702957_thumb.jpg




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