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New here but not to fish

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G'Day all

As the topic states I am only new to this forum but have been keeping various fish on and off for years, mostly in different places in Queensland.

I currently am having a love affiar with shrimp (have cherry's and am trying my hand at crystals, and also have a few creek shrimp), while I also adore my Cory's and loaches. Sadly I have to share my tanks with my Husbands 101 guppies so every so often I sneak in a new species of fish and right now I am thinking about Leopard Livebarers. I also have a 1000L pond with goldfish. So I guess you will see me fairly frequently in quite a few areas of the forum.

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Thank you. I will try to get some shrimp pics up, mostly I just have cherry shrimp, a few Red Crystals and two types of creek shrimp. One of the types of creek shrimp is from Cairns and has stumped quite a few people for what it actually is.

What is the best way to upload pics? Just copy and paste the pic from my online account? Or just copy the link?

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