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Hi Everyone,

My name is Nick and i'm new to this Forum and "to be honest" the best Forum iv been on so far! I currently do not own any fish but use to breed, Molly's, Swordtails, Guppies and Convicts.

I am going to get back into the guppies as I still have a soft spot for them :egrin: and wouldn't mind trying to breed beta 's to. :)

I am a Snake and Bird Owner/Breeder to, so to own/breed fish again would be like my own little petshop at home :P

cheers for reading.

P.S. dose anyone no were i can get some awesome guppies and some new to market Beta..?

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Welcome aboard Nick

Thanks for your kind words mate and as John^^ has said it seems that this forum can fill most of your pet desires/ needs. There are some great breeders of guppy and bettas as well as apisto's in this forum and we are very lucky to have each and every one.

Hope you enjoy the forum and dont forget to spread the word.



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