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so i milked my commets

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so i milked my commets at the end of winter

left the fry in a 500 ltr tub and the birds got most of them :( i still have 100 odd

and have some interesting colors

i had two males different colors and one female solid orrange

now my question 's

only 2 had color

now 5 have colors atm ? this is a bit disshatening

most of the uncolord appear to be bronze/gold will they continue to color up one by one

and will they stay athe color they get to at 5 cm or will they continue to change ?

or is it a each fish is an idividual and not realy a definate anser


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I think you'll find the majority will head towards the colour of their parents...this bronze period all goldfish go through it..unless you get calico,etc...after the bronze period they will darken towards a blackish colour then change colours towards the gold...a small few might stay bronze or even mixed colour and some will even change colours as full adults...genetically they naturally want to change to this "gold" colour..its in the genes...hardest part of breeding the fancy guys is maintaining the colours...so genetically it depends on parents/bloodlines and every fish will have an individual make up....if you want to keep the nicest guys to breed again next season...try to get out duds(bad finnage,etc)as early as possible to avoid the top ones having to fight bum fish for food....feed the bums to a hungry big guy for a treat(but make sure your not introducing any bad bacteria by doing this)...also not sure the birds got through your netting..unless you know for sure...more chance the bigger babies are eating the smaller ones...unless your controlling the feeding and all fish are growing pretty much equally....if you leave them to their own vices..you will find a few will super size pretty quickly dominating food etc and eating any babies that stay too small....

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