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whats involved in keeping a pond?

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I built mine out of an old bath tub.

I put a frame under it the cladded it with corro iron and decking boards.

Plumbed a tap into the plug hole for draining.

Filled with water.

Added a sponge filter some gold fish and some sort of plant not too sure what it is called.

Thats how i did mine but it is low tech simple thing that is on my veranda.

Some guys have bigger inground ones.

Not too sure what your keen on doing, Size, Inground, Aboveground.


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im just trying to get ideas at the moment,

the old bath idea is good as we have about 5 of them sitting around the yard (we are on acreage).

I was contemplating inground but would there need to be water changes and stuff like a tank or would it be fine to wait for rain?

and how would I make it safe for kids?

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Thats mine. You could fit a piece of mesh over the top of the whole tub to stop anyone falling in.

If you have kiddies i would probably stay away from an in ground pond.

I can't really comment on the filtering side but you could wait for rain or top up water as it evaporates.


Thats another pic with plants and the fish are in there somewhere.


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