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My new baby (:

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Hey guys,

Been a while since i've checked in, for those of you who may remember, I had a little tropical hex, well I got to upgrade, to a 4 foot.

Tank mates include:-

3 x Angelfish.

4 x Kuhli Loaches.

3 x Clown Loaches.

3 x German Blue Rams.

8 x Panda Corys.

1 x Peppered Cory.

3 x Albino Corys.

5 x Peppermint BN.

5 x L104 Clown Plecos.

Soon to include:-

A couple more Angelfish & possibly a small school of something with gorgeous colours, any suggestions are appreciated.

I have to include a huge thank-you to my other half, Keegan(Keegan013 on the Forum) for absolutely everything to do with this hobby (Majority of the time hehehe) He practically did it all..

My Hex has been turned into a home for Gary(the fighter) He is a very happy chappy with more than enough room now.


Full shot..


Half shot..




Peppermint BN..


Thanks for viewing guys, any comments appreciated.

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10 Days later, the substrate is just white sand from a landscape yard, And there is DinoDung in the back right corner & it's working a treat, all the plants have taken off way more than I expected. I can even trim & replant in other areas. The banana lilys suprised me also.. They'll be moved for sure.

Here are some pictures.

Day 1.


Day 5 or 6.


Day 10, today.


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City Farmers, Browns Plains :) They were $1.95 each I think :) They are seriously growing by the second, it's insane :L

& Thank-you :)

yeah Im a bannana lilly advo.....I reckon they are awesome and take off like nothing..plus you can use in different ways...planted,floating....easy to propogate and the fishees seem to love em....awesome job Keegan and Samantha....high 5 sexy time

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