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flowerhorn family tree pictures

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thats an old pic and definately the way they originated. of course since then others have made the mix including blue texas,green texas,festae,robertsoni,salvini etc. its a sad but true fact that every man and his dog cross breed everything into the gene pool on a hit n miss basis. the most common thing i hear is that "if they have 500 fry and only one or 2 are nice, thats fine" its a lil disturbing.

i dont really breed these guys in a big way (least not resalte anyway) but i do tinker. the best course of action is to right out a trait plan.....then go looking for those fish. most peeps are chasing kok,script,pearls (especially face/kok) short bodied (no not deformed spinal deficient) monkey face and wrapped tail. just cross breeding alone you may only get one or 2 of these. line breeding is by far the best way and the breeders i respect.

its true that im mostly a purist (breed and supply totally pure american spp for resale) but i do a lot of reading on this subject and frequent haunts that contain knowledgeable peeps on the subject of fh.

still a cool poster to let peeps know how the original lines (mostly cross bred out now) came the exist. :lol: rant over :)

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