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what other fish to put with oscars ?

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what size tank you got?

best question right there. oscars are very "flimsy" when small and "overally confident" when large. what you will be looking for is either other cichlids that cant harm the oscars or be harmed by the oscars (hard basket but some success with severums,chocolates,pbass,petenia splendida. last 2 very large aquarium required). the next option is large growing community based fish that will be fast and bulky enough to not get eaten by oscars. silver dollars are good as are natives like mono argentus and sometimes large silver sharks though my oscars allways chased the bala's around. tinfoil barbs are another option. i wouldnt suggest many american cichlids because alot such as devils,vieja,hericthys etc are capable of pugilistic acts that can kill O's. HTH ;)

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the above is excellent advice

I have had success with a few other cichlid species too.

festivums, rivulatus, parrots, rainbows,

as well as catfish like eeltail ~ tandanus tandanus, salmon tails ~ bernyi, plecos ~goldspot,common,gibbis,

Spot on Donny

I have found large Oscars to be very timid and scared of fast moving fish there more a slow boat to

China type also just cause there big or get big they don't fare well with dovii jags or umbee they will

get picked on be very unhappy and just sulk

That said you will need a large tank and good filtration as they are very messy fish

a lot to think about before you even go to an Aquarium shop


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