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better late than never

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Hi guys. Ok, so i've been at this site for awhile now but never did introduce myself. I guess i'm shy, lol!

Truth be told i have never been involved with a forum before so wasn't sure how long i'd be here but i have to admit it's cool and i'm enjoying it alot.

I'm sure i'll catch up with alot of you as time goes by.

All the best,


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on behalf of the owner and moderating team we would like to welcome you to our great forum, it can be a bit daunting at first, but you will find some great info posted around the forum,

if you need any help finding your way around feel free to ask or send a pm to any of the mods/admin, we will do our best to help you out, in the mean time, enjoy ...........

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Welcome to the site hope you find the site informative and helpful .what sort of fish do you keep?

Mainly into L numbers. Have L002's, L333's, L397's and hopefully some L168's and L134's soon.

Also have Endlers, various Bristlenose cats, Whiptails and just for something different Firemouths :P

Have always been a plant kinda guy so never got into Africans. Sadly i'm out of space now with 7 tanks so no room to set up a new 6x2x2 display but that will come next year when i move house.

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