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System For Sale including fish

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I have a medium to large breeding system for sale on 2 7ft 2 tier stands and 1 ft 3 tier stand. There are 12 600*550 or there abouts tanks and 3 1200*450 and 1 1200*450 sump. Includes Pumps, large air pump and plumbing, all tanks have lids and filters and a couple of lights.

Included are hundreds of adult and baby guppies with beautifull tails, Tuxedo swords and hundreds of Bristlenose between 3 and 5cm , including breeding pairs around 9cm.

All stands are steel the two big ones are about 50mm square steel and the other one 25mm.

This is a forced sale due to ill health and just cant keep up to it anymore.

I am asking for $1,000 which is very reasonable, as there would be around $500 worth of fish. There will be no negotiating, unless you want to pay more.

First in best dressed, you can pm here, or ring 38690029 or 0438 711 380.

I am situated in Deagon.

Thank You


PS: The prospective buyer will need his own transport, truck or ute, and will have to catch most of the fish.

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Hi Doug and Bob, thanks for the interest. As you probably remember, I do a lot of travelling, and between that and keeping fish and now my Athritis getting worse, I just cant keep up to it anymore. I was going to sell 12 months ago, but couldnt do it, but now's the time. I cant keep asking the wife to do most of the work. Its been a great hobby and I've made a lot of friends on the Forums, I will certainly miss it. I will keep a couple of tanks, just enough to keep me interested and not too much work.

Anyway thanks again for the interest and Hi to all the people who remember me.

And yes it will be a bargain for someone.


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