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Stocking Suggestions :)

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Thought I'd get some suggestions on what else might look good and work well in this tank.

I might just leave it as is. But sometimes it looks a little quiet in there as most of the fish are bottom dwellers :)

It's a 4 foot, 270 litre tank.

With 2000lph filtration.

26-27 degrees, Ph 7,

Lots of driftwood, a couple of anubias plants and Vallisneria and fine black gravel substrate.

At the moment it's stocked with:

- 4 x Orange Head Geos (7 - 9cm)

- 5 x Sterbai Corys (2 - 3cm)

- 2 x Peppermint Bristlenose (10 - 12cm)

- 1 x L066 (5 cm)



Sorry for the crappy pics and all the reflections :( Just taken quickly on my phone

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yeh dont put angels or rainbows in there......

it'll look crap.....

nah kidding, i have both rainbows and peruvian altums in with my araguaia and everyone gets on really well and it looks good.

what about a nice school of high bodied tetras (rosy, lemon, white fin ornate?) they'll school nicely up the top of the tank and wont become food (although most geos seem to be ok with most tetras)



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