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Hi,to all

i need some help with my 7bar frontosa

i have a colony of six in a 6ft the biggest one is around 10cm

i have just found him swimming a round in a circle then diving

into the gravel and he is gasping alot the rest of them are ok

and checked my ph levels they ok any ideas

thanks chris

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Sorry to hear Jaws... I just lost a Frontosa yesterday too :esup:

It was around 9cm... No reason why, got home and she was floating amongst the Val. Checked all levels - all ok! the dead Front was in good condition too, no bites, fin rot or obvious dieases? all other fish in the tank are fine including the other 4 fronts!

Sometimes mate, the unfortunate happens - its not that you may have done something wrong, sometimes thats just the way it is...

Good luck with the rest of the Frontosa's! They are a beautiful fish!


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