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Synspilum fry help

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Hi guys

Been back from holidays for nearly 2 weeks & since I have been back been losing fry on a daily basis ,

So here goes

Fish are 2cm and eating flake , Thera a & live brine shrimp

Ph- 7

Ammonia & nitrates nil or very close to it

Temp - 27

There housed in a 3x18x18 sumped system and all other fish are fine showing no signs of stress in any other tanks Inc fry tanks. Just waiting to clear out a tub & they will be moved to grow out.

I'm thinking aggression is starting to play a part so there's a few bits & pieces added for fish to hide etc , tank has no substrate either .

25% water change once a week on the hole system & fry tanks get done every 2 nd day, from what I've seen before there dead is a weird swimming motion like loops ? Then the rest of the fry spot the weakness & pounce start to eat them .

Any ideas or do you think it's just aggression ???

Advise & opinions are very welcome !!

Hope this makes sence lol


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