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Mmmm, fancy. New PreOrder done today

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These have been pre-ordered for a February Arrival. As always if you let me know I'm happy to give you a heads up when they arrive, but stock is guaranteed until they are actually in my tanks!

These are German!


CW10 Neon Gold Stripe

Black Venez.




C-4 Virginia



Bitaeniata - WILD!!!! (Yellow Napo)

Viejita - WILD!!! WILD!!!! WILD!!! YES WILD CAUGHT, not a macmasteri HYBRID


Australe - Chocolate



Gardneri - Nigerian

Sjoestedti Blue USA

Can I admit that there was a happy dance for the Viejita?! :mrgreen:

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Got a friendly 20 says they are not viejita.

For apisto fans the true viejita is only present in an area controlled by some slightly nutty peeps in columbia. almost all viejita in the hobby are either macs, or a cross. There are some nice macs that can come in under the viejita name. Will be interesting to see what they are.

Buying Apistos is fun and confusing as you never know what you get from wild caughts. There is a tendency to use various names and misID's to sell easier by the fishermen.

To ID true viejita look for the red band along the dorsal and a body that looks fit, not kinda fat like a mac - go to apistogramma.com and you can read heaps on the ID.


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Thanks guys, yes there are the arguments and the debates - but as a wild caught there is a great chance. Some of these lines are new!!!! As these are German, can you blame me that if they are True, that I am excited? I'm not trying to be controversal, I'm just trying to let people know what I have ordered. I'm still excited.

Edited - Damn that sounded bitchy. Sorry! I'm just excited - and tired. And excited and tired. And still hopeful!

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If they are the real Veijita I bet they will last less than a day in the shop upon arrival. Anyone would be stupid enough not to get them. Someone brought in some wild veijitas a little while ago through a different source which were macmasteri :( Turned out to be some of the best damn macmasteri ever but still :(

That is a whole lot of of cory and apisto and killi excitment!!! :) I would be so excited being you

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Here I am, still wondering how to fit in my new rack, just in case theres one of those goldfish in store tomorrow.

You know the goldys I mean.

Where ya lock eyes from across the room.

and ya realise

that 1 in a million fish

just swam into ya life!

Its like you read my mind. Got two of the most beautiful ranchus you have ever seen in your life. Remember that last dragon scale? Yeah, imagine that times 100! OMG, I squealed, yes I actually did

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lol. Vegetas are super rare.

I sold most of them out of the bag - then I wanted to wait until they colour up to take pics. Sorry guys - looks nothing like your super pic in breeding colours. My fish are still a little hidey. They lack the hard lines of the macmasteri but don't have the green flair that the pic that you guys use for reference. So when I have a moment, I will try to get the pics up.

Marine Month is coming and that is taking all my attention!

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I gotta admit I am busting to see the pics. Even if they are not the true veijita, they are highy likely to be specatular pure macmasteri. We really do suffer on the lack of quality macmasteri, wild caughts are almost a different fish....

I just thought I would comment on Rod's pictures, and indeed pictures of Apistos in general. Most are taken with a mirror and hence show the threat colours. You can see in Rod's picture that it is one fish with a reflection. A mirror to a tank can make an ordinary looking fish suddenly throw incredible colours. Ofcourse this means when you are buying you often see a not as spectacular fish and may be put off. I would suggest when buying apistos ask for a mirror, or have one in your pocket. They do behave like fighting fish to a mirror and you can see the specatular colours you are buying in the fish.

From an ID point of view these sorts of pictures are not useful. With some it is the shape of the black markings that allow you to make the distinction so for ID a mixture of pictures is best in different moods.

For viejita ID the depth of the fish, and the deep red strip on the dorsal are what I am looking for. The tail can tell a story too but is often open to misinterpretaion on young fish.

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