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Fs-4x2x15 tank , stand, hood,canister etc

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Just bought a 5x2x2 to upgrade my current tank, so I need to move this one on it is as follows

-4x2ft high & 15 wide tank with all lids only 5 months old

- stand & hood (sexy)lol

- canister filter & a internal

- 300w heater

And will more than Likley have a 4 ft light for it too

No fish, rocks or gravel as it's all going in my new one

It's on eBay ATM item number - 330671865131 under heading 4ft fish tank no idea how to set up a link if someone can that would be sweet

Asking $300 for the lot & I'll take it off eBay or if ya wan2 start the bid at $250



Trev :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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