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Rilli Shrimp

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Anyone got em? A mate of mine whittled his cherry down, they don't look as nice as the Taiwan ones, but one keeps trying. Is it worth introducing a blue/purple cherry and then breaking the colour down into the patterns again?

Anyone have any experience with this? I'm guessing just keep interbreeding the pattern into something really special and only then maybe introducing colour and seeing what you get - then work on the patterns again?

Sorry noob questions but this shrimp stuff spins my head - and Lionel and DFF and others keep trying to talk me into trying it!

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Do you mean Rili shrimp

Yes you can make it in different color, that is how yellow Rili came from

Nowadays a lot of red Rili are cross breed with cherry shrimp

And that make the Rili price drop......

I just ask my breeder friend from overseas yesterday lol

Then you ask some same question today....XD

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I think pure Neocaridina Rili are best.

Lot goes into getting a rili bloodline stable for a unique pattern, but its worth it.

The red is the best red of all the available prawns, and the potential is largely untapped.




and heres a vid

if you listen carefully

you can even here

captain obvious in the background!

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Question though...........

If I have rili shrimp.......

can I develope them into blue or yellow?

or is that a 1 in a million sort of mutation?

That's what I'm wondering. The rili I've seen are not as good as those Asian pics, I don't think the linebreeding has been that strenous to say the least. That's why I'm wondering when would you introduce the colour? After the pattern has been perfected? Or would you have to start from scratch on both sides - colour and pattern after introducing the blue or purple?

On a side note, on that silane site, how cool is the incredible hulk shrimp?!

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