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Tank Build ideas on back grounds cheers

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HI guys/girls

Starting a new tank build for some tropheus wanting to put this laytex background but I dont want to use silicone doesn't seem to last on these new back grounds for some reason do magnets work? or suction cups? I have heard over the years that both these ways work has anyone tried it out wanting to hear comments cheers

Setup to start was an old stand that I resanded back and fixed (should have taken photos of it what it use to look like shudder ebay special lol) but all good now varnished in wattle wallnut 3 times with hood etc.

tank will hold about 20 Tropheus Ikola that are wild cought got up from Sydney thanks Rob nice fish and will chuck some excess pepermints Bristlenoise for tank cleaners substrate will be white Fraiser Island sand with a few Anubais and lava rocks.

Tank is a 6x2x2.5 high




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In my experience, silicone works just fine on latex backgrounds provided you put it in the right place (ie where the background is in good contact with the glass) and you apply plenty of silicone. The deep models like yours have a lot of air space (and therefore less contact area) due to their nooks and crannies, but if you are careful you can line it up and mark on the back of the tank with a marker pen the areas of contact and where to liberally apply your silicone.

Install the background when the tank is empty and dry, and give the silicone plenty of time to properly cure. Don't be tempted to fill it with water early because you are too impatient to see little fishies in their new water wonderland. Do it properly and it should last very well.

Best of luck.

ps- edit: I was lucky with my current model being flat profile (only about 15mm thick). I lay the tank on its back, whacked heaps of silicone all over it and, once installed, I weighed it down with sheets of ply and a heap of bricks for a few weeks. I reckon it is pretty solidly stuck.

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