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Photography section to show of your native tanks and fish

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Nice catfish keegan, I have one hiding under the rock in my tank...My first attempt at a native tank, plan to upsize soon.

8x Rainbow fish..3x crimson spot, 2 black banded, 2x red rainbows 1x tiger eye rainbow and a Tandanus catfish.




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Only taken from my phone cam as i killed my dslr ,have not long ago moved and these guys are still in the holding tank lol





just a few fish that i have .

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how do i post pics here cheers toddles

step one, create a photobucket account and upload pictures to there

step two, link the photos from there to here using tags

step three, profit........

you can also upload to the forum direct....... but its a bit fussy about what and how many it lets onboard.

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