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Photography section to show of your native tanks and fish

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Here's my contribution. I only have the one tank at the moment and it's all for rainbows (and a kuhli loach shhhh)..

These are supposed to be Coen River Tris.



And the tank. It's got red river stones, some sort of black wood which I think looks tops, and some rotala wallichii, pink bacopa, and some hygrophilia.


I apologize about the quality, these were taken off my phone last night.

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This is mine soo far. Have had it about 6 weeks with 4 crayfish. 2 weeks ago I bought a filter ( sick of mosquito lavea ) 3 days later ended up with a swordtail, bow have 2 swordtails an a albino longfin. ba66b92f75e6db8822398f50eedafc61.jpg

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Large Red Scat, Silver grunter (M. argenteus), Jungle Perch, Silver Grunter with juvenile markings, 4x2.5x2.5 one of the few 800l native tanks i had.

All back about 4-5 years ago now though, i have a pissy 3x2x2 now and it's killing me. I have 100's of pictures of what i've kept but im not sure where they are, all my folders seem to be video's, they are here somewhere though.

My youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFishGuy011 which i started about 7 years ago, 70+ Native and non native video's.

I was a bit fish crazy back then, documented everything, photo this video that....






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