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best way to keep ph and tds low

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Hey im told that rainwater keep ph low is they any other way of keeping it low aroung 5-6ph

and also how do i keep my tds low

ph down is another way but apparently a buffer of some sort is needed

can someone explain this to me (IN FULL)

i seriously would not have a clue about this stuff!

is there any substrate that will act as a buffer

plants, rocks,filters ect

thanks ,luke

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With the Rift Lake cichlids it is relatively easy to get the water chemistry right.....you add salts to the water

With soft water fish....rams....you are kidding yourself to think you can ADD anything to the water to make it softer

what you have to do is take salts OUT of the water.....which other than reverse osmosis can't be done.

The best solution I've found is to add water that is totally devoid of dissolved solids....rainwater or RO water

The more you add the more the water is diluted and the lower the TDS

water softeners,resins,peat,driftwood dont lower the TDS....they may acidify the water

I have breed and raised lots of soft water fish....currently into Wild bettas

I keep it simple......I mix rainwater with treated tap water and use peat and ketapang leaves to acidify water...

You can add co2 to acidify water....but I'm into fish because I like them.....not because I love chemistry

You cant Buffer TDS....you can just add more pure water....

Use a neutral substrate....NOT calcium carbonate

In heavily planted tanks ph can be all over the place as plants take in co2 and give off o2 in the day and opposite at night

If you add ph down you risk a ph crash....and dead fish

My advise is don't stress over acidity and don't add ph down....just focus on using a mixture of rainwater and tap water....KISS

Heavily plant tanks

I do and it works for me!!!

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