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2000 Litre Plywood Tank

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nice tank! wow that would be a bitch to clean :lol:

Thanks, it's not to bad, do a 200-300 ltr water change every 2-3 weeks.

What are the dimensions of the tank and how did you manage to seal it ?

What filtration are you using ?

The external Dimensions are 3050mm x 1220mm x 900mm with internal dimensions of 2950mm x 1000mm x 850mm

The inside of the tank is coated in Pond Shield by http://www.pondarmor.com , which I brought in from the US.

The glass is sealed with Dow Corning 999A silicon.

I have a trickle filter homemade from 2 x 5 drawer plastic storage units run by a 3000 and a 2000 litre per hour pump. Also for mechanical I have two 2000 litre power heads which push water thru a couple of homemade above tank filters that have Dacron wool sheets.

Older pic of filter this now has two pumps running it and more media and also black plastic around outside.


Will psot a couple of update photos tonight

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