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Your craziest project in the fish world.

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My current idea is to make a rain replication box (rainbox) that will sit on top of my fish tank that will in theory.

1. Create a high moisture content in the atmosphere above the water level in the tank.

2. lower the water temperature in the tank.

3. Actually seem a little like rain

4. The most important.... work lol

So my idea is to get a 600x600x600ml perspex box (with 4 sides a top and no bottom). Cut a hole big enough for a hose fitting in one side of it and attach PVC pipe with holes drilled all through the inside space of the box. Then attach my hose which is filtered through another D.I.Y project that is now actually finished and hope like hell it works.

Ok the crazy part about this project was and still is as follows.

1. I Originally wanted to do this on a standard 4 foot tank (123cmL x 38cmW). Realised my box would be to high and not wide enough in surface footprint so i decided to consider my 6 foot x2 foot tank. This tank is inside so wasn't allowed to use this tank for my project. Plus its full of pep's and they are breeding well so decided not to go ahead with this tank as the prototype. therefore I went to the LFS intent on ordering another 6x2x2. Find out there's a shipment from Brisbane coming so i ordered a 8x2x2. FAIL have no money so i have to get a job while studying. FAIL the tank needs a stand..... stand doesn't arrive at house until 30minutes before the damn tank..... almost die several times over this.

Tank stays empty for 3 weeks while i fund all the other bits that go with a tank. Ie aquaclear 110 hang on filter, Totto P2000 internal filter, plumbing for sump tank and glass for spillway weir, ooops i didn't even have a sump tank so had to buy another one. Special white pH gravel for the fronts and then a large air pump with 6 outlets.

2. Ok so now i had the tank and was running nicely some several thousand dollars later. My next problem is getting water into my rainbox. I had considered running water like a normal sump tank but realised if i really want to be doing water cycling or something i need a decent sized reservoir of water. After discussions with my father and gf we come up with the idea of using a flow through system where we just attach the garden hose and filter the water of nasties before it gets into tank. I go to pool stores, fish stores and then finally a water purification shop. FAIL its 20 mins before closing and its xmas eve so they won't reopen until January 5. Come January 8 I go back to said store and purchase 2 activated carbon canister filters and a pre-filter and now i have my 3rd project finished while still not finishing my first one. However, this water filter project was a smashing success since changing inside and outside tanks with buckets was extremely annoying. Currently all i have to do is place the hose in there and shes all good provided u don't flood a tank like i did 3 days ago. To give some scope over how many hrs a week went into water changes i'll do a breif summary of my fisntank collection ( I have 10 four foots, 1 five foot, 1 six foot, fourteen 2 foots and one 8 foot tank.) That's a **** load of 9 litre bucket fills.... Plus water aging chemicals.

3. The best part about the project is... After 4 months its still not finished and I'm out of money again looool.

The fish chronicles continue!

Anyway was hoping others might share their ideas and DIY project. The crazier the better :)

Regards clipper

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Dunno if it's crazy but my favourite project at the moment is propigating heaps of aquarium plants outdoors. Simply dirt in containers/old tanks/jars etc and am growing a tonne of stuff. Buy one plant and most of the time never have to buy another again! Tonnes of fun and costs zilch.

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from bunnings /water shop , u can buy as u said the cartidges, carbon and micron that go into tubes , you run a series of these from a tap you can even get resin based ones to soften , so your tap water is presto , you can also run these on tanks via a internal pump, to the external cartridges, that run back into the tank , cuts water changes , ive done this and have done this on sumps from the second last bay before the returtn pump to the system , pumping the water back to the first initial catchment chamber via a spray bar , works well , like a sump on a sump

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my craziest project would be coming back

under many different names on a forum

just to be sneaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

now wouldnt that be original and challenging



in all


i use to love making things into filters juss to prove peeps wrong, used to make some awesome top flow filters back in the day :)


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agree on the filters ray...from giant buckets with holes punched in the bottom(poor man trickle filters...great for ponds) to those plastic draw/shelf units you get..different levels of different media....now i want to set up a nice big tank...put a row of sponge filters along the back of it..then have some walls of egg crate that go all around this.. covering all sides and then cover this with some tight small hole plastic mesh and cover that with java moss....so the back looks like a giant green box..perfect for flowerhorns with koks :) but yeah latest project...

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I am actually going to remake one of my best DIY bead filters.

Its an epic plastic cylinder

with those fluro plastic gems in it

all bouncing around like a fbf

but yea its a fluidised bead filter

which no one uses anymore

except on biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig setups

but mine shall be

99% style

and 1% function

what else can I do with the $200

plastic tube skimmer I built???

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