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Restless Bristlenose

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I have recently introduced 1 definate male (~10cm) and 2 presumably female (~8cm & ~6cm) common bristlenose into my newly established 2' breeder tank.

At first, all 3 of them were constantly hiding in the dark behind the heater and small power filter in the rear corners of the tank. I can't see why they would be annoyed with the 2x T5 tubes when the 2 smaller ones came from a 4' tank with 4x T5 tubes. The male was bought from a private breeder that breeds fish in bath tubs, lol.

Roughly 2 days ago, we noticed the middle sized one was acting restless on the bottom front of the tank, constantly bouncing off the bottom and almost looking like it wanted food or like it was distressed.

The tank currently only has 6 guppies (3 Endler + 3 Normal) and about a dozen small swordtail fry in it, along with a large shell and ~30cm hollow log for the BN to hide in.

The BN have not been interested in eating since I first put them in the tank, which is roughly a week or so from now.

I have tried algae wafers and zucchini slices but they are not interested in either.

Now the smallest one is doing the same weird thing, bouncing off the bottom and even when hanging from the sides of the tank.

Can anyone tell me what this is and suggest what the minimum size would be to sex a BN and when a female would being laying eggs?

I've already lost one and don't want to lose any more! :(

Should I move the remianing 2 to my 4' community tank?

I've only been keeping fish for roughly 8 months or so now, and have lost so many along the way, even with proper maintainence!

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in regards to them not eating, get some garlic, crush it up and apply that to the zuchini you are giving them, also, shave off a bit of the 'green layer' of the zuchini so they can get at the tasty stuff with ease.

the garlic seems to make them want to try whatever it is on.

use only the garlic juice on the shaved zuchini, not the actual garlic, they wont eat garlic and it will only foul your water.

Also, I wouldnt stress to much about them jiggling all their fins unless they dont stop doing it.

Also, when asking for help, it is usually a good idea to include as much information about your water as possible.

How new is the tank?

What is the PH at?

Nitrates, Nitrites and ammonia levels.


also, I cant seem to find these videos, where are they?

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