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A cheap way to get stunning nano trees

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Gday all,

I have noticed a few members discussing getting into some nano trees for there scapes and thought I would throw up a sugestion on how to obtain some stunning shaped trees.

I have used and am about to use again some old Bonsia trees that I had done up and unfortunalty neglected and have since died. these have been used over seas in different scapes and are realy not hard to come by from most nurseries (bunnings). there is usualy a throw out table at most places where you will find a few old bonsia's so what you need to do first is to identify what plant they are ? make sure they are dried out completly ? and then I usualy hit them with a bit of bleach and vinigar to make sure I kill all the nasties.

This can be a great way to inhance a scaped tank or even just a to throw something new in for your fish freinds to interact with.

I hope this helps



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