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backgrounds laytex

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ok Im trying somthing different with backgrounds I,m sick off taking all the time to glue them in to have them start pulling off after 8mths or so and doing the whole process again and again.

so put this up as there has been talk about how to do this while your tank is full so hope this helps you out. I could only load 4 photos of this job according to qldaf pop up message.


So I have bought some Earth magnets (neodymium) which arent cheap about $10 each thats for a ( magnet size 5mm wide by 4mm high)if you get the good ones that hold 40kg per magnet.

plan of attack.

step 1. cleaned back of laytex with some metho


step 2. angle grind back of laytex just becareful not to go through your background you could use sand paper but I wanted to make a 40min job into 5mins lol


step 3. clean area again with metho

step 4. silicon in magents make sure you cover them like they are in a bubble also to give them somthing to grip onto the back of the laytex.


step 5. wait for cure time of silicone 7 days if you sellys I used a trad contracters one wich took 48hrs

step 6. drop into your tank this way you can do it while water is in the tank etc

step 7. this is the tricky part you must slide your magnets along the tank so you dont carck your glass these magnets are super strong dont risk it and sticky tape the magnets on the back of your glass in place so when it comes time to move your background for any reason you can just slide your background back into place.

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