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Craziest fish stories......

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Everyone who has kept fish for sometime has a story or two about a fish that made them think....Damn!

So lets hear em....

Heres mine:

Going through some pics to post up I was reminded of a little "bazooka" of a baby ranchu I was raising(own breeding) that I just couldnt find one day(growing out in a small pond with some other youngsters).I waited a few weeks and figured well hey those funkin birds got him...damn...time to invest in some netting...after about a month I thought I would do a pond rescape....and after lifting up a driftwood log...little bazooka had wedged himself under the log...(lesson learnt in baby goldfish management...never use driftwood etc)...he had managed to stay alive by eating whatever drifted past his way....but was seriously deformed with one side of him pretty much non existant and dead flat...contoured to the bottom of the pond...he couldnt swim..couldnt move at all...so yeah did the right thing and rights were read....still amazes me to this day how he just survived wedged on his side...



RIP little bazooka..reckon he was going to be pretty big too....

So share some stories..good or bad...

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Alright, so, I went to sydney, ordered some fish, then came home.

When I was home, I had the job of organising a courier to go and pick them up, and bring them to me.

So, after weeks of organising ( I sucked at organising), I finally got fastway set up and ready to do it, it was supposed to be an overnight trip.

I organised it for thursday, the fish should have arrived at mine late friday, BUT, no of course they didn't.

The label on the box read "Mullumbimby", now, somewhere along the line, someone misread this and somehow thought it sad "Melbourne".

After calling around to find out where the hell my fish were late on friday, I was told they were in Melbourne and couldn't be shipped back up until the following monday, FML.

So, I awaited the arrival of my dead fish, come monday, they still hadn't arrived, by this time I was pretty annoyed, this was like my life savings at the time put into some pretty special fish for me.

Finally, on tuesday, after school, the box arrived, I didn't even bother opening it straight away because I didn't want the pain of seeing all my beautiful fish dead.

When I opened it, to my amazement, not one, not two, but ALL the fish were alive, that's six days in transit, and no deaths, AMAZING!

So, these days, I am not too fussed about using couriers, they are much cheaper and not as risky as I originally thought.

Also, these were big fish, not small fry.

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Not really a crazy story, More a crazy keeper.

Went ot one of my Missus nephew Bday lunches at the pub and met one of their friends of the family, When he found out I kept fish he went on to tell me how he got his Goldfish used to straight tap water by adding a little less neutralizer to the water every WC, Then tried to tell me it died from other causes a few weeks after, I honestly didn't know what to say so thought it was just easier to say "Oh yeah".

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...he got his Goldfish used to straight tap water by adding a little less neutralizer to the water every WC, Then tried to tell me it died from other causes a few weeks after...

I had something similar, they just used water straight from the hose and they are fine, "they are still alive"... however they lost a fish 2 weeks before for an unknown reason...

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I was at a members house around a year ago now to pick up some gear/random peacocks etc...

We walk inside a grab the fish outa the tank & inside the tank is a 1.5-2ft toga.

He takes the lid of the tank to start trying to catch some fish & bammm out launch's this big toga !!

It landed behind the lounge, was flapping a going nuts, the bloke was trying to wrestle it down and get it back in the tank

At this stage I felt like quoting a Steve Irwin "Crikey look at this fella go" .....

His mrs was sitting on the lounge with the biggest smirk on her face trying not to laugh her head off.. while im there with two 4inch nets asking "you sure you dont need a hand" lmao

Anyway the Toga got back in the tank safely, we got the other fish out & had a good laugh afterward :)

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My partner and I had a pet octopus called Octo*****, we had had him bout a year and he was a nice small guy. Our cat use to sit at the tank and he would come out and they would have tentical/paw wars against the glass, he was very friendly and you could put your hand in and play with him. One day the filter was making a strange noise, like a clicking, so I went over and put my hand in to take it off and found my octopus had managed to get a tentical stuck in the propeller, I slowly took it apart and got him free, it was all sliced up, he just sat in my hand looking up at me with his tenticals wrapped around my fingers and slowly moved off my hand and into the water. That eveing he died, I admit that I cried, he was a lovely pet and I know it sounds stupid but they way he just sat their looking at me, there was a sadness about it...perhaps he knew? Well thats my story, not crazy just sad

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That is such a sad story about the Octopus - you know some fish do seem to do things like that. I have a German Blue Ram once that seemed to say goodbye as he knew he was dying - broke my heart too.

Funniest thing I have had is a cory-catfish (albino) that used to sleep on top of a floating moss ball every night without fail. I have photos of that. She now sleeps with her pals.

At the moment I have a Siamese Algae Eater & Bolivian Blue ram in love with each other - they are courting and the SAE flicks in front of the ram- real cute.

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When i was about 9 i bought my fish 2 common bn. After about 3 months or so they started to get to a fair size so we started feeding them zucchini. After about 3 weeks of this the female would swim into my hand while i would replaced the old pieces with new ones. Got to the stage where i would just cup my hands and she would swim into them and gently suck onto my thumb. Had this bn for about 6 years and would always do this little trick for me infront of friends and family alike. I burried her (tippy) when she died . I dunno its just a fish to some people but to me she was an awesome pet and a friend. It also helped that she had dozens of fry batches for me and paid for at least half of my hobbies infrastructure.

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