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little help please

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hello there,

i currently have a 5x2x2 with tropicals and want to restock with some africans, I'm thinking maybe 2 frontosa's so they grow out and become the main thing of the tank and then putting in some other smaller africans. I also have a 20cm(there about) gibby the fronnies wont give him any trouble or vice versa?

I'm thinking of putting these 4 fish attached in but dont know what they are so if anyone could kindly help me and let me know if there are all suitable together?






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first is afra cobwe....... sort of like a dwarf zebra. malawi mbuna, I wouldnt put with frontosa

second is a crabro........ chameleon cichlid/bumble bee. malawi mbuna, I wouldnt put with frontosa

third is some type of victorian/kyoga cichlid.... aka crimson tide or flameback. could work with frontosa

fourth is a demonsoni maybe........ malawi mbuna..... I wouldnt put with frontosa.

All those 4 fish would work together

but ya

I wouldnt put with frontosa tho

they have a fast turning circle and nip at frontosa

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If you are gonna put mbuna with frontosa....... maybe electric yellows?

otherwise theres plenty of other fish that would work with those 4 ya picked.

If you are set on the frontosa....... as far as other fish go........

do you want a biotype tank, a tank that produces lots of fry or just a tank that looks pretty?

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Szie doesnt matter as much as speed.

you have 4 hyper fish, so ya dont want to mix a chilled out dopey slow fish like a fronny with these guys.

it will just get dominated, intimidated and outcompeted for food.

plenty of malawi fish that are equipped to compete with mbuna tho

check out the nimbochromis species if ya want really big

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The first picture is afra cobue/cobwe, 2nd picture is crabro, 3rd one is either flameback or x'mas fulu and the last one is Demansoni

The 1st, 3rd and 4th fish can be very aggressive toward frontosa, I have one afra cobwe in my kigoma tank and afra cobwe is the king in that tank although most of my kigoma are 18cm

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