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4Hx4Lx2W Display Tank and Stand

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Having to part with this awesome 4x4x2 display tank made by Mick at Aquarium and Petland. The tank is not equipped to be filled with water. It has 10mm Sides and a 12mm base making it safe to hold 45cm of water without the slightest worry - I have had it fuller with no issues. It was used as a frog tank but would make an awesome archer tank if done right. It's on a very solid stained and sealed timber stand with a 10mm ply board for extra stability. Will also throw in a 4ft light and the mesh lid's i made for it.


Asking only $300 (a lot less than I paid for it 12 months ago)

Contact with any questions, 0433079905

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Let me just get out my 5 foot gravel vac, lol Crazy sized tank mate, GLWS

I laughed and cried, I peed in my pants when I was reading this... I wish i could give this quote more than a like.

But seriously If I could get it down to Cofs Harbour I'd put some frogs in it for sure! Would you do free delivery?

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