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When to turn on return pump and how to set overflow box, HELP!

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So its almost time to fill my tank and sump and get it going, but im lost as to how to set my skimz overflow box and when to turn my return pump on so i dont flood the place. Any help with this would be much appreciated as its like staring at a wall trying to figure it out, i have a aquaone moray 2000lph return pump


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Ok so 2000L in - height and a 2500L

Overflow box that's perfect

Just fill fishtank and when water on lip of box

Fill the box with water this should start

Water down to your sump when about halfway

Up your pump turn off hose from (tap water

Or tank) and wait for water to get to top of

Pump then switch it on and as level drops

In sump so you add more water until it's

Running 5/10 mins at same level then turn

Pump off and pray your sumps big enough

To handle the water run off


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i have not used the exact model you have so there might be slight differences, but I am currently using an o/f box on my 6ftr.

Im guessing it will have an air line attached to it ?? if so the same principle's should still apply.

Fill your tank right up until you see water sitting about half way up your box.


Once nice a full start sucking on the air line, this create's a vacuum and will start drawing water up the box. Once the water hits the the horizontal side of the box it will start running slowly. Continue sucking until almost all the air is gone from the box, you will notice increased flow during this stage. this is the time where you turn on your pump :)

If the pump is ever switched off dont touch the O/F box as the vacuum will remain. all you need to do is switch the pump back on and the O/F will resume ie.. no need to suck on air line again..

Hope I didnt miss anything matey Good Luck

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Thanks people, i always though if there was a power outage the o/f box would lose its syphon and the i'd have to suck it out again? Once i've got it going canno just run that piece of air line down to the sump? Or should i tie a knot in it?

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