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Purple Spotted Gudgens Spawn

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Hey All,

Just thought i'd share a couple of bad mobi pic's of my Purple Spotted Gudgen who I noticed last night have had a spawn on top of my internal filter in my Turtle Tank. This should be fun to keep them alive as they live with 7 Mono's, 2 Bullrout and of course 2 Macquarrie Sawshell Turtles. If anyone has bred these before and could help with some info on raising them and also how to not have them eaten by all those crazy hungry critters they live with, that would be great! Thanks in Advance!





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you would have to turn off filter and move it to another tank that had been filled with water from that tank.

without letting eggs touch air

greenwater infusiour to feed fry

man its effort

but still very cool to see a spawn

and that tank looks awesome!

Thanks Donny, yeah pretty happy with my 75 bucker tank!!! ;) Does sound like a mission to move though, might just let them go and see what happens, least I know they are a pair and have spawned for me, pretty happy with just that!

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Not even 3 days gone since the babies started swimming and then were fed on by 7 hungry Mono's, I come home to the Male sitting on another batch!!! These things should be called Rabbit Gudgeons!!! LOL


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hey shanoz.

its awesome to see them spawn, and yes once they have a spawning site and a female that co-operates they will breed like rabbits. just make sure the female doesnt jump out as they seem to do this to try and escape the males if they are getting too much attention ;)

these fry are tiny! dont be suprised if you catch a glimps of a few right down the bottom on the tank near the corners. and they can be quite quick too.

as for moving the filter with eggs attached it can be done, i moved a male recently not knowing he was fanning eggs, after fighting with him to get out of a hide for 20 seconds i decided to just put the whole hide in, with him still in it.. a couple of days later i had fry hatch. they would have been out of water for at least 10+ seconds

if you wanna try and keep them alive in that tank, lots and lots of plants :)


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