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Calling for Advice

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We are very happy to help you and get what you need. Here are some tricks and tips to getting you the best advice and the best product everytime.

1. Your water is not "fine". We call this the F-word. You cannot judge the quality of the water by looking at it. Just because you do water changes every week does not mean it is fine. For all I know you are washing your sponges out under the tap. We need to know the chemical details. If you don't test that's cool, just bring your water and we will test it for you.

2. We can't give you a "magic bullet". We would love to but they don't exist. If we don't know your chemical test results, we can't recommend a medication because if we give you the wrong medicine we could kill your tank inhabitants and then you would not be happy at all.

3. Please have a general idea of what kind of fish you have. "Blue fish" is not enough. Sometimes we have people talking about marine fish but they are calling them freshwater names. Thats a fiasco! (And a funny moment when we both realise we are talking about different things!)

4. Please be patient while we ask "silly"questions. We need to ascertain the basics (fish, procedures and products/filters you use) and make sure we have the whole story so we don't make things worse!

Anyone else have any more suggestions? :) These are the basics that all LFS will ask you. Did I miss any?

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