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Hey guys recently bought a polleni and id say hes had a run in with either my midas or my fenestrata...(edit the 2 in my avatar) anyway hes got a bit of lip damage and had this white furry looking stuff on it



(the water isnt green its just the wall behind it 2400lph in a 160l tank so i dont think filtration is the problem!)

Mate told me to get some MelaFix and do a week course anything else i should be doing?



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Hi Scott,

Since this is only a fairly new 'chunk' taken out of your fish (after PMing you and finding out more about it, time frame etc), I probably wouldn't go all out in medicating the tank yet - the other tank mates are likely not as worse for wear as your Polleni?

Melafix is a decent natural apporach to looking after open wounds in fish (that is one of its primary features) - certainly a good place to start. I would suggest continuing on with the treatment you have been advised, you have already done the water change @ 25% - good!

Perhaps perform another water change of 25% in a few days just to ensure the water is kept at peak condition. Make sure you remove all chlorine and check water qualities etc with doing your water changes.

If you notice any 'fluff' or white cotton wool looking stuff on that wound of your fish, then would be a good time to step up the treatment - or if it become lethargic and and not as happy and free swimming - you will see the deterioration.... If you need to bump it up due to fungus appearing, then you would probably be looking for a remedy containing a Melachite / Copper blend (ie Fungus Rid / Finrot Fix). Not worth doing the heavy meds yet as this will colour your water - likely fluro green or blue and treat other fish that don't neccesarily need treatment.

Luckily - The Polleni is a hardy fish - a real fighter! I've had a few over my years of fish keeping and they have always bounced back from injury, fighting wounds, bites etc... A tough Tilapia family fish :)

Good luck and keep us posted on the progress...


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