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After some GEneric tips/ training

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Morning All,

Ive had my DSLR for a long time now (4 years almost) and I sitll havent really taken any time out to learn how to use it properly, or get the best out of it.

Ive shot a few weddings with a friend who is a photographer and had some good feedback on some of my photos, but nothing great.

Its a Nikon D90 still wiht kit 18-105 lense and i got the dual battery grip as I have fat hands.

Most of the time I shoot on Auto with no flash and then look at what settings the Camera chose for that situation and am trying to learn what my settings should be in situations buy that.

any good online reads/ free courses I could attend to help improve my skills?

I don't want to make a living form Photography I would just like to be able to take a photo with my DSLR that doesnt look like my Grandmother took it with her iPhone. .


(also how bad is shooting in the rain for your lense. . . I did it the other night, it seems fine just heard it can be quite nasty for the lense?)

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Hey, If you don't want to spend any money youtubes great, cause I don't like reading. But your local Tafe should have some courses that you can do or some photographers do there own classes, did one in Maleny it was pretty good. I think the best way learn is just use full manual so control the shot, but I'd learn the aperture and what it does

, shutter speed, ISO and then just go crazy and experiment.
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