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Red cherry shrimp help

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i have just got mu first lot of red cherry shrimp have never had these guys before so am wanting to know a few things if any one can help i have 50 of them

what size tank do i need to put them in

what do i need to get these guys to start breeding

whats the best thing to feed them

do you just need a normal set up like gravel and plants do i need something for them to hide in

and are these guys better to breed in a tank of there own or will they breed in a tank with other fsh if so what kind of fish

all help with these little guys would be greatly appreciated thanks guys

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All I have bud, is a 2x1x15 with a sponge filter, heap of java moss, a couple of bits of drift wood and a bit of sand at one end. They are all happy and breed like rabbits! As for food I go to Fishchicks and buy shrimp food that Jody has for like 5 bucks which lasts for ages. Here's a pic of my tank for them http://www.qldaf.com/forums/shrimp-snails-crayfish-34/purple-blue-cherry-shrimp-60353/ HTH :)

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They got nuts for any new thing you put in the tank. Curious little fellas they are.

Mine do particularly well in any pleco tank where I feed a bit of cucumber twice a week.

Optimum ph seems to be around the 7 to 7.2 region for me. Temperature optimum seems to be anything on 26C or below.

That is not to say that with high oxygen in the water they can't take even up to 35C which mine have survived at.

They just won't prolifically breed in the higher temps, that all.

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