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Angel, some info?

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Curious, were is the best place to get good quality angels, and what types are going to be easiest to keep yet look stunning in a 5x2x2, I can scape the tank to suit.

also what are good and 'bio type' correct tank mates i could opt for if i go with Angels.

also scaping ideas? live plants vs fake plants, substrate type/colour

water movement?

I know I can read on the net but nothing really better than getting the personal input of people localy and there experience.

Basicly I guess you could say im after a QLDAF begginers to advanced guide on keeping/breeding Angels.

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Good quality angels...... don't see alot of them, most of the fellas you see in lfs arent the best quality, but if you look hard you will find some nice ones.

I find the wild types or ones which are F1 from wild parents tend to be better quality and actually look like an angel should, but you'll pay more for them.

Pet city had some very nice looking wild caught peruvian altums (a scalare sp. dont let the altum name fool you, they dont have any atm i think), fishchicks also had some F1 peruvians too, as well as Manacaparu redbacks and Surinam altums (not too sure if these are true Pterophyllum Altum tho or another wild scalare stain.)

Tankmates could include discus, geophagus sp. (i wouldnt put them in with brazis tho), dwarf cichlids including apistogrammas and rams, severums (this one i'd be careful with, some sevs can be quite aggro)

Scaping ideas - if it was me - sand substrate, twisty driftwood / rootballs, if you want plants - tall reedy like ones which htey can swim thru, personally I dont have plants cause i keep mine with geos and trying to keep plants planted with eartheaters is damn near impossible

water movement - very little - they are more comfortable in tanks with little current, you can keep them in a tank with a little bit of current, but if there is too much current present they will find an eddy current and sit in it, rather than swimming around the tank.

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