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Fish with cloudy eyes...

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My Fish have cloudy eyes again,this comes and goes all the time,i know my waters good its been tested at shop and its fine, ph 6,im always dosing with melafix its good for a while then they get it again....

Waterchange weekly ,and vacc,I have sand substrate the fish are Geo rio branco.

Some fish have it only on one eye ,some both ,some not at all.

Still eating normally.

Run a Ehiem 2028 and fluval Internal.

Please help

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yep get your own testkit

that way you can check

~ if your partial water changes are keeping nitrates low enough

~ that you are not cleaning filters too harshly causing ammonia spikes

~ that the pH is remaining stable at 6

otherwise injuries from ornaments or fighting

Agree with Donny totally.

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Hi i have the test kits ,my waters all good ,i confirmed that at PC on Thursday.

I have the low range testkit for PH.

Added half a cup salt last night there improved today ,today quauter of a cup ,wont do a water change till mid week see how they are .....

Buying a UV sterliser, hoping that helps things as this happens a bit ,i think its coming in with the town water ,i add prime with the water changes ,this seems to happen after a lot of rain.

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