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Nannacara anomala

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I recently acquired some Nannacara anomala !

Suposed to be a peacful dwarf cichlid - not so much

They seem to be a very territorial obnoxious , fin biting and aggressive little fish .

I have 2 males and 5 females in a 30 x 18 x18 tank full of rocks with some fly speck Hardyheads as target fish . And targets are what they have become ! these fish rip into each other AND anything in there with them .

Has anybody had experience with these at all ?

Do I just need a bigger tank and a bit more room ?

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G'day pony-tail,

Gingerbeer is the real SA dwarf expert around these parts so his advice would be good here.

But I'll still give my 2 cents worth.

In my limited experience with SA dwarf cichlids, I have found them very territorial in smaller tanks, wether it be with conspecifics or another species. But in large community tanks, they tend to do thier own thing, have a much smaller territory and are less likely fight with conspecifics.

I used to have a 6 foot community tank with 6 red head geos, 2 male laetacara curviceps & 3 female, a pair of keyholes and 2 male and 4 female apisto agassizii. All the dwarfs had thier own little territories in the planted areas. Vary little aggression between the different species, and just a bit between males of the same species.

However I tried a pair of laetacara dorsigera and a pair of apisto macmasteri in a 3'x18"x18" and the male dorsigera ended killing both apistos within 2 weeks.

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Thanks Briz - but an expert - an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. What are you saying? :twisted:

There are a fair few dwarf keepers around when you go looking. Rod who is around here is probably the expert ad I know has anomala so will hopefully chime in.

As for your tank Pony - dwarf cichlids are still cichlids. A peaceful cichlid is a bit of a strange combination of words - like fat free icecream. (only thing worse than fat free icecream is non-alchoholic wine. If you want non-alcoholic wine go eat a grape).

Probably should be described as peaceful - for a cichlid. One of my dad's favorite lines when we had the shop was a cichlid is a cichlid is a cichlid - meaning doesn't matter whether you are talking discus, central americans or African lakes - they are all still homicidal maniacs at heart. We love them as they are cichlids - and have the full behavour of cichlids and must manage them accordingly.

Rule of thumb is 1 square foot of tank space per female - an extra 1/2 foot for your male. 5 female and 2 males = 6 square foot of tank space. In your tank I would have a trio only. The poor buggers are fighting for space. Males are lookig for the superterritory with a few female subterritories.

One of my favorite tanks ever had cacatoides in a 4 footer - 2 males 4 females. Too many fish but lots of fun. 1 male had most of the tank - the other male only had a small portion. Subby male had 1 female - other had the rest. There were babies everywhere from these guys as the dommy male was a superstud. Tetras had a great time and were very well fed. Dwarfs in a big tank are probably the coolest tank ever -and Briz is dead right - bigger tank you get away with more crowding.

I have a couple of small tanks for breeding - and I have to be very careful with even a pair to avoid female psycho knocking of the male after breeding. Luckily there is a colour change when this happens - apistos turn yellow and nanacara get black everywhere (of memory). I have often thought if only my wife changed colour when she has PMS it would be so much easier for me.

Anomala are fantastic and everyone should have some - so you should have no probs selling a few if you need too.

Hope this rambling is useful to you.


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Steve's on the money...they are just getting frisky....thinking of breeding I'd say

Watch for females that change colour...much darker with vertical stripes as well as normal horizonal

She is about to breed or has

They are not particularly aggressive dwarf in my experience......however females with a brood....STAY CLear!!

Still....they've never killed other fish.....just chased them

A pair in that size tank with a few tetras or endler guppies would be not problem.....

I've breed them in a 30 Litre tank....but took male out straight after they spawned and I've had a female raise her brood to maturity in a community tank of that size.

Mature males are spectacular.... :)

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Something must be wrong with mine ! - An endlers guppy would wind up lunch in 5 seconds .

They have eaten some of the smaller hardy heads already .

I had a pair of these when I was a teenager - and they were just a fry factory . The behavior of these is so different they are just mean .

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