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Red devil/midas

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Very hard to tell the difference between a Midas and a pure Red Devil these days... Generally the Midas is a larger fish but has the same characteristics, features, markings as a Red Devil.

With alot of cross breading between the 2 sub species, it is hard to find a pure breed Red Devil.

I have had 3, the largest I have at the moment is Jim - he is a Monster... He was sold to me as a Red Devil, looked exactly as yours did now and stripped the grey over time to turn BIG PINK!! I later found out he was a Midas Cichlid or at least X Midas.


(Jim is about 8 years old - around 38 - 40cm. That's a 6ft tank in the photo to gauge the size - think BIG tank too :) Heaps of people will tell you that you can't keep anything with a Red Devil - Jim is proof that you can - he is in there with many other fish :) Depends on the individual personality overall but probably wouldn't recommend it, there are many horror stories to go with this fish... Our Red Devil was tamed from an early age. - Highly recommend interacting with your Red Devil if it isn't already :frog: You can hand feed them, pat them, teach them to splash etc... - FOOD!!!

Another one I had and rehoused recently also looked extremely similar - again I suspect it to be a Midas, or at least a Midas X Red Devil given that it is growing at a rapid rate:


This one is also making its colour transition... Feeding them Blood Parrot food can help speed up this process btw...

You will know once your fish gets bigger which of the 2 species it is closest to, matching pics, description and size will give you hopefully an educated answer...

Here is a great website devoted to the 2 species: http://www.midas-cichlid.com/

Google results will show you heaps of articles on the 2 fish and the similarities too...



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