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Work in progress

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Hi all,

Though I would create a post and attach some photos of my "work in progress" aquarium.

Only new to all this fish keeping stuff, had a few ups along with many downs but see it all as a good learning curve and a challenge.

I'm getting some echinodorus to fill in the back left corner (to also cover the temperature sensor) and thinking of getting another crypt balansae and a few anubias just to finish it off.

Would be interested in any feedback if this appears to be working.

I have also included a photo of some of the inhabitants even though my photography skills need some serious attention which in itself is harder to learn then maintaining healthy fish






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looking good, a couple of ideas, try and dig your driftwood into the gravel at the front left to give it some slope and rescape your gravel in undulating lines along the sides/front of the tank to give it more shape and form, otherwise a great start and nice healthy plants.

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