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Billionz of them EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

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on the glass in the gravel on the plants, floating.

there are literally billions of tiny bugs they seem to be everywhere except on the fish

I was shocked when i did a water change this morning i was using a siphon to clean the gravel and to my surprise was heaps of tiny bug on the tube of the siphon

Ive tried

White spot remedy




what am i doing to make these things appear i just cant seem to get rid of them

I need anyone's help who has had an outburst of this disease?

what kind of bug they are and how to treat

some are round some look like scorpians and some are round with lil legs

I have a post in (beginners corner) that has a few pics which best describes what they look like

SO FRUSTRATING!!! :hothead: :x:twisted:


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Sounds like planaria. Harmless to your fish or yourself. Usually caused by bad tank maintenance, or too much gravel.

Try doing regular syphoning of your gravel and feed less. google planaria there'll be some articles on it.

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