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FS: Massive Clearout and bundles, UV, LED etc.

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Plenty of Pics and info^

$200.00 bundle; heaters, bio sponges, air pump, plasic tanks, air pipe fittings, nets, Eden return pump, auto-feeder, "two little fishies" magnet nori holders x 2, testing strips, gravel cleaner, spray bottle, Auto top up, LEDclip light, etc. etc.

$150.00; Debary Uv Sterilizer, 25W, external ballast, unit around about 60cm long or a bit smaller i think.

$70.00; Just over 2KG bucket of New Life Spectrum pellets.

Also standard 2ft tank. 2x15x18 (approxamite) tank. 30cm cube tank - Any or All 3 tanks for free to whoever buys something and wants them.

Pickup in 4575 Sunshine Coast, or free delivery within 20km.

If you buy more stuff i could possibly meet you closer to Brisbane or deliver to Brisbane.

Nick :)

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Ignore that it says "welcome to facebook - log in, sign up to learn more" in the ad, if you click the blue link it takes you to a photo album :)

Okay, so some people are having trouble seeing the pics,


Become friends with this page and you can see it all. (Trident Aquarium Supplies page).

Unfortunately my laptop can only be used in "safe mode" right now, so i can't photobucket the pics off my phone, only facebook them :0

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Theres also a little aqua start all in one tank with a built in light.

Just has a broken clip on the lid part.

Free with this package :)

Unfortunately im losing about $400-$500 here, i'm just really desperate for the cash and don't have the time to list certain items seperately on ebay etc to get my money back. That's why i'm only asking for $125 on here, i posted $150 on Masa. :)

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