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Urgent Sell 2 Whole marine setups!!!

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i have two full plug in and go setups one being my first every marine tank (3X18X1

two which through the love that was created by this setup i recently purchased another tank a (6X2x2.4 tank) when i had setup the new tank i decided i no longer needed to smaller 3ft tank setup as a reef tank so i set it up as a quarantine tank to which i decided a predator tank would be easier ( i had a small snowflake moray and dwarf lion fish in this tank )

6ft Setup

1x 6x2x2.4 stank 20mm thick glass ( HEAVY!!!) not display quality however i learnt after i had set it up due to the thickness of the glass u can get a glass buffer would would eliminate all scratches ( none are big just light ) also has a glass patch on bottom corner ) has Absolutely no leaks whatsoever !!!!

1x 1.8 metres long x .70 metres x 1.2 metres high Stand pine and hardwood

1 4x2x2 no scathes or leaks or patches 4 section ( one section could be removed to have a 2foot cubed refugium ( for seahorses or the likes)

1x6ft light hld 1800c ( has 150w metal halide lights , 4 blue led , 2 t8 bulbs Blue n white)

1x 4 x 15 x 18 h sump 4 sections

1 x resun chiller co500

1x Toppy Auto feeder

1x aqua one return pump over 2 metre head?

1 via aqua skimmer

3x200l water drums still completely full of water purchased only 3 weeks ago

2x guppy wavemakers

1X box full of chemicals and for everything need to run a healthy tank

All plumbing and currently running come and take a look!!

2nd setup

1 x 90x30x30 cm tank euro brace display tank maybe 3 scratches!!

1x 4x2 ft stand maybe 3ft high ? pine and enclosed

1x sump 60x30x30 no scrtaches patched

1x nameless skimmer

1x superwin chiller working with new thermostat ( 3 months old)

1x sumo 2x2x1h two section no crack or screeches rag tank ? was to remove glass

1x 4foot light

ANd much much much more !!!

need to sell it all before i move out of home in a month this is EOI at the moment not sure how much i can get for it

it thousands of dollars worth of stuff before so please reasonable offers you get so much extra stuff its crazy because i need to sell everything

I'm moving to cairns !!! I'm not setting up a tank while up their for the next 3 years !! and parents said they would throw anything not sold !!!

thanks Tim

Pics coming up soon

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